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Eight Tips on Facebook Advertising for Lawyers

We all know how Google is the leading search engine and the muster point for people with queries and problems. It has undoubtedly established itself as the leading online marketing platform, but this isn’t for long as Facebook follows it’s in close pursuit. And I sometimes wonder how Google and Facebook might, in the near future be cut-throat competitors in the online marketing industry. It might sound ironic if you were to search Chrome and it would someday read “Google Chrome – From Facebook,” well, that’s some debate for another day. Today we look at the online marketing world of Facebook and that too by setting our periscope on how lawyers can advertise themselves to be a hot-selling service provider. 

Focus and try to follow these specially extracted tips which would help you muster a horde of online clients, either individually or as a law firm. The Octagon of Facebook Advertising tips for lawyers is drawn as follows: 

Get “Likes” Counter Moving

Its works similar to your personal Facebook profile – more friends’ means more likes on your display picture or anything you post. Same goes for your page, make sure that you get likes after likes for your Official Page as a lawyer. Facebook has psychologically embedded this notion into people that “more likes means better credibility.” Cash-out this notion and run campaigns, I would recommend setting a budget from some paid campaigns across a particular location/country to bring you more page likes. Tip #1 is done, moving on!

Don’t Let Sharing Stop

No matter how many likes you can get, if you are not a frequent poster or are some lazy lawyer who finds it hard to maintain the consistency of sharing posts and information on their page, believe me, you should be ready for some hard time. Followers and people who’ve liked your page won’t have anything exciting or would look as if we’re roaming around in desert than you are bound for failed Facebook advertising campaigns. So Tip #2 is to keep sharing, for your ease, Facebook brings you a chance to schedule posts, and they’d be automatically posted at some decided time without you having to worry about signing in again and again

Make Sure Every Post Has A Purpose

We lawyers know how valuable each word that leaves our mouth is, its got a purpose and anything extra can be troublesome for us or the client toon. Same goes for your advertising campaign on Facebook – A page for law services shouldn’t have a post titled “Do cows give more milk when listening to music?”, make sure you do not share any post whether your own or from someone else that has no meaning on lawyer page.

As an online advertiser, you are at liberty to reach a great many people, each with a different mindset means your posts should be engaging for all of them. 

Enable Some Post Boosting

While you are exposed to a vast Facebook audience from around the world, it isn’t so simple when it comes to getting likes and engaging with people via the business page. Facebook asks for some money based on the campaign you’ve chosen. Make sure you’ve got some greens to get that lawyer’s page of yours can get post boosting. Select your best posts from the page which already have likes that are higher than the other and apply a booster to ensure they reach a more significant number of people. 

Make the Most Attractive – Images

A picture speaks a 1000 words“, why? Because it helps people engage a bit more with your post. A totally textual post is more likely to be scrolled down without putting to tap “read more.” If it’s entirely text-based, then you’d have to work very hard to get to the pinnacle of success in engaging the page audience with just text. 

So, hack #5 is getting an engaging post on your page, which would be with a picture or two that relates to the post. Oh! Mr. Lawyer, remember, don’t go posting pictures of Godzilla on a post that’s titled “Getting the Best Lawyer Online.” 

Be Wise – Monitor Insights

Facebook has made advertising for business pages very easy, it has added one feature which would allow you to ascertain the number of people who have interacted and viewed your posts. With the “insights” option, you can do this easily; every post on your page would have this bar underneath with the number of people reached. 

Boost post that has better insights to make sure that you’re letting people see the best you’ve got to offer. 

Re targeting – Strike Them Again

Ad generator – Facebook allows you a chance to advertise your website on it. Your website would come as an advertisement between posts on the newsfeed, and people would unconsciously view it. This is done primarily with people who have recently viewed your profile or page, as you’d still be a fresh memory in their mind chances for them to like your page are multiplied. 

Make Sure You’re Following The Results

Never ignore the results and feedback you’re receiving on your posts. The reactions to your post can help you improve drastically. With public insights which is the first audience you are targeting, an alteration to the posts accoirdni9ngly can help you mold yourself according to them. So make sure you tailor yourself and be a favorite amongst them, and they’ll carry you forwards, and a successful advertising campaign of Facebook is completed. 


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