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Why You Should Keep Advertising During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Businesses around the world are facing the hardships of COVID-19 Pandemic.  It’s pushing them to cancel their digital advertising, but there could be a hidden opportunity for them if they can afford to keep going. With increased demand, less competition, and lower costs, it can be the right time for businesses to develop a new process for new revenue streams, or finally launch projects that have been put off for too long.

While the brick and mortar stores are closed, people have moved to buy products and services online. Hence, making it more important than ever for business to continue utilizing the cost-effective approach of digital marketing.

It’s true that COVID-19 pandemic has struck us by surprise and badly impacted our world. However, there are still significant benefits to advertising during this time.

Here we will explain why you should keep advertising during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Consumers are online more than ever

Every year, the number of people using the internet is increasing. But with the recent pandemic, the use of the internet has gone up to record heights. Millions of people are self-isolating at home, and for them, the internet is the only connection to the outside world. While people are communicating with co-workers online, they are also spending time taking different services from various companies online.

In recent years, digital advertising has already got a lot of attention from businesses of all types. From PPC marketing for retail stores to SEO for law firms, it has brought significant benefits to all industry niches. But during these times, it has become important more than ever – allowing businesses to craft a thoughtful message to stand out from the crowd.

With digital advertising, you can address the current issues of people while conveying them your business message. You just need to use the right words to get the attention of people who are stuck in their homes and encourage them to get your service online.

More people are using social media platforms

With people forced to stay inside their homes and practice social distancing, they are searching for ways to remain connected with others. This is where social media is helping them. Social media use has doubled since the start of the pandemic. People are coming together on social media together to support the needy and their families, helping them with everyday tasks, necessary shopping, and more.

Meanwhile, social sites have also seen large increases in users and engagement – making it an ideal time for law firms branding and other business promotions through social sites. According to Reddit, there has been increased traffic of 20-50% in businesses, finance, news, and other subreddits. At the same time, Instagram campaign impressions have also increased by 22% between the last quarter of 2019 and the first quarter of 2020. This means many businesses are investing more in digital advertising to get a more market share during this pandemic, giving others a reason that they should also continue advertising during this pandemic.

More opportunities for online businesses

With social distancing, people don’t have the option to shop from brick and mortar stores. High street shops are closed to contain the virus, which means there is now an increased opportunity for online businesses.

People are now turning to eCommerce stores to find the products they need. They are shopping online for everything, from clothes to groceries and medical supplies. Being an online business in these times is the best thing that can happen to you. You can help your brand be found by new consumers online by using paid advertising. You can target potential customers and motivate them to buy your products online, as it will be much easier to do that than ever before.

People are more likely to take services online

With people forced to stay at home, they are ready to take different types of services online. They are willing to take services online that are critical for their business and their lives. This means businesses must take this opportunity and continue advertising to attract new clients towards them.

From digital marketing for brands to law firms SEO, companies that are offering all types of services online have a higher chance of conversion, which basically means higher ROAS. On the whole, service businesses should continue investing on advertising during this pandemic and in no time they can see new clients connecting with them to take their services.

Consumers still need your products

Just because customers quarantine in their own homes doesn’t mean they don’t need your products. If you are a grocery store, people still get hungry and need to buy food. While the weather is getting warmer, so people still need to buy new clothes for changing weather.

No matter how bad the pandemic has hit people, they will still need essential products to live. This is why you should continue advertising and continue selling your products. However, you would need to be creative while speaking to your consumers and letting them know why they need to use your product right now.

Current advertising strategies can remain useful in future

Although a lot of the approaches are being placed in place very quickly, long-term thinking is still necessary. The pandemic may feel never-ending, but things will come back to the way they were, but that doesn’t mean you’re supposed to scrap what you know. Some methods of advertising will still be useful when the pandemic comes to an end.

In the healthcare field, physicians are encouraging people to consult with them via video chat for a variety of health concerns, saving their patients’ trips to their offices. In the same way, restaurants are advertising to order food online, potentially saving people to get attacked by the virus.

Advertising for products or services while keeping the safety of people has led to a great deal of engagement. Continue doing so once your doors are open again will not only make people more excited to visit you in person but can turn them into loyal customers in a short time.

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